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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Error 1305. Cannot read from openofficeorg20.msi

A mysterious error occurs when trying to install

Note: this article describes an error message that occurred on windows installs only

After I downloaded version 2.04 and tried to install it today, I encountered an error that didn't seem to be solvable. The error message was something like

Error 1305. Cannot read from file openofficeorg20.msi. The source file may be damaged.

I assumed that my download went wrong, so I went back to and tried again. I noticed that every time I clicked on the "continue to download" button, I was sent a download from a different mirror. However, the second, and even the third download showed the same problem.

I even went ahead and downloaded the uTorrent program in order to download it via BitTorrent. Besides the fact that I got an amazing speed in downloading the installation file, it still failed to install.

What caused the problem

Searches on the Internet revealed problems with "Error 1305," but none of them specific to It became a bit of a frustrating issue, since I had to finish an important paper the same night.

But I didn't give up and finally found out what went wrong: As my C:\ partition on my hard disk is really full, I downloaded the installation file to another disk. This itself is not a problem, but when unpacking, the files must be extracted to the C:\ partition. Only when the package was unpacked to the C:\ partition, and installed from there, I was finally able to install the program without the mysterious "Error 1305."

I hope this helps anybody that encountered the same problem.


  1. Thank you, man! You helped me a lot to install OpenOffice to my colleague's machine using Windows XP.

  2. You saved my day also: read a lot of technical how to's without success - and your hint simply did the trick ...


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