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Monday, March 23, 2015

Yahoo Search for Audacity links directly to Spamware

I was shocked today when I wanted to download Audacity for Windows and ended up with some "COMODO GeekBuddy" spamware. I admit I acted a bit to fast, and didn't realize that the first search result on Yahoo Search was actually not the official website of the Audacity Audio Editor.

However, Yahoo did not only list the wrong page as the first result, it also marked it as the "Official Site":

Screenshot of Yahoo Search result for "Audacity" is not the official site of the Audacity Audio Editor.

Here is the correct URL for the official, and I mean the real official home page of the Audacity Audio Editor:

This is just outrageous. How can this slip through "Quality Control" of the Yahoo ad department?

Removing the unwanted spamware turned out to be a nightmare as well, as it apparently installs all kinds of add-ons for Internet Explorer, Firefox etc., and refuses to properly uninstall.

No thank you, I don't let anyone trash my system like that, not even my Windows install which I hardly ever use.

I reformatted and removed the windows drive, and went back to my Linux System on the primary disk.

I removed Yahoo Search from my search engines in Firefox. Goodbye Yahoo!

This was a good reminder why switching to Linux many years ago was the right decision.

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